T.D.I. courses - Technical Diving


Technical Diving International claims to be the largest technical diving certification agency in the world, and one of the first agencies to offer mixed gas and rebreather training.

Here continues the list of courses we provide from our dive dive shop:

- Advanced Nitrox
- Decompression procedures
- Extended range
- Trimix
- Advanced Trimix
- Advanced Wreck
- Mixed gas blander
- Advanced gas blander
- Side-mount
- Cavern course
- Intro to cave
- Full cave
- Rebreather Megalodon Air diluent decompression
- Rebreather inspiration classic mixed gas diluent
- Rebreather evolution mixed gas diluent

If you are interested in some of these specialized courses, please contact us here and we help you to set up the sessions with T.D.I. instructor.
For more information abut T.D.I. visit their website here.